Invoice to Sheet

Zero-configuration invoice data extraction in Gmail

Automagically extract data from your PDF invoices straight from Gmail thanks to state-of-the-art AI, and store the data in a Google Sheet for easy further use.

  • Extract structured data from invoices in one click
  • Save time from manual data entry and avoid complicated OCR tools
  • 15-day no-questions-asked refund policy if you're unhappy with the results

Invoice to Sheet was recently featured by Google as an early innovator using their Procurement DocAI solution.

Read Google's blog post here.

Select your invoices directly from Gmail attachments

Select your invoices directly from Gmail attachments

Invoice to Sheet lets you select the attachments you want to extract data from - directly within Gmail.

No configuration needed

Extract in one click. Review intelligently

Typical invoice data capture solutions require you to configure them by drawing boxes around your different invoices templates. With our AI, you just need to click and wait a few seconds.

  • Scan an invoice in one click to get structured data
  • Improve data accuracy thanks to intelligent warnings
Send to Google Sheets

Send to a Google Sheet of your choice

Send the extracted data to a Google Sheet in one click.

  • Select or create the spreadsheet of your choice
  • Each invoice will be one row in your spreadsheet
  • Line items will appear on a separate tab
  • Numbers and dates will be formatted automatically

Main invoice data extraction features

One-click data extraction

One-click data extraction

No need for configuration, it just works.

Supported fields

Supported fields

Total and net amounts, invoice and due dates, invoice number, supplier name and some more.

5-page long invoices

10-page long invoices

Extract data for invoices that have up to 10 pages.

Gmail integration

Gmail integration

Select invoices from Gmail attachments, extract and review directly in Gmail.

Google Sheets integration

Google Sheets integration

Send your data properly formatted to Google Sheets in one click.



English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch work.

Automated invoice scanning use cases

Year-end reporting and tax prep

Invoice to Sheet makes it easy to organize your payments and reimbursements for every account in one place, line item by line item without the need to dig through financial statements and records.

1099 tax form generation & reporting

Figuring out exactly how much you paid a contractor can be challenging when payments were sent in a variety of ways. Use Invoice to Sheet to quickly summarize every invoice and line item received from a single contractor in a spreadsheet.

Financial planning and analysis (FP&A)

Use Invoice to Sheet to build a comprehensive record of every bill from a single account in one place and use the data to build a better financial forecast. Use real forecasts on real data, no more broad generalizations and assumptions.

Validate your budget

Invoice to Sheet allows you to easily summarize all invoices from a single account in one place. Stop sifting through bank statements and know exactly how your costs match your budget with invoice meta data and line items that simple transactional data hides.

Audit your billings

With Invoice to Sheet you will never miss a billed hour again. Quickly aggregate all of your invoices in a sheet and validate your billings with timesheets and reimbursement requests.

Incoming and tax planning

Payments can come in many ways, but your invoices are a consistent, reliable source of data. Use Invoice to Sheet to quickly confirm your billed revenue and costs without sorting through your bank statements.

See why companies all over the world use Invoice to Sheet

Invoice to Sheet has tremendously sped up our Account Payables processes. Coding invoices is now quick and painless. 

Brian Arnold

Jean-Xavier Barthélémy

Chief Financial Officer at AODocs

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