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Why Choose Invoice to Sheet over Docparser and Mailparser?

Invoice to Sheet is a new product that allows you to extract PDF invoice data to a Google Sheet in one click. Built on Google’s state-of-the-art AI, this is a solution that will save you A LOT of time compared to other data capture software. 

Docparser and Mailparser are useful tools

Invoice to Sheet is simpler to use

Docparser and Mailparser extract data from a variety of document types and emails into a variety of formats. They are good products but are sophisticated.

Invoice to Sheet does one thing and it does it well: extract structured data from your Gmail invoice attachments to a Google Sheet. 

All providers use a different invoice template and sometimes they change it. Every invoice you receive can have a different structure and design than the last. You shouldn’t have to configure your extraction tool every time you get a different invoice design. Invoice to Sheet was built with an AI that can extract structured data automatically no matter what the invoice looks like, without any configuration. 

In comparison, Docparser and Mailparser require you to manually set rules every time it encounters a new-looking document or email. It’s easy to use if all your documents and emails are structured exactly the same. However, it requires a lot of initial configuration and maintenance work in many instances. 

What are the advantages of using Invoice to Sheet over Docparser and Mailparser?

One-click data extraction

One-click data extraction

No need to set up complicated rules every single time you encounter a new-looking document.

Gmail integration

Integrated with Gmail and Google Sheets

Invoice to Sheet is functional directly within Gmail and extracts your data directly to Google Sheets. This lets you stay in the tools you already know and use.

5-page long invoices

Built on Google AI

Invoice to Sheet is one of the first tools built on Google Cloud’s brand new DocAI solution. Read about it on the Google Cloud Blog.

Select your invoices directly from Gmail attachments

Easier to get started

  • Invoice to Sheet is built right into Gmail so all you need to do is install the add-on and it’ll be up and running.
  • Docparser and Mailparser require you to use their app and then integrate it with a variety of outside tools to get it to start working. 
No configuration needed

No configuration necessary

  • With Invoice to Sheet, just pick the right invoice and click extract. Like magic, all the hard work is done. 
  • With Docparser and Mailparser, you have to manually create rules in their app every time you encounter a new type of document.

Start using Invoice to Sheet in Minutes

  • Free version available
  • Be among the first to try this new technology
  • Backed by a world-class support team

Ready to save a lot of time processing invoices?

Our guide on how to install and use Invoice to Sheet

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